A Heart for Horses Inc. (AH4H)
H.E.L.P. Program –

Helping Equine Lives Program

Purpose of the H.E.L.P. program and why.

The program is set up to help equine lives by standing behind anyone that wants to help with the ever growing need for adoptions, horse rescues, rehabilitation and equine therapy programs. AH4H will not only help support projects, sponsorships, equine education and horse rescues with our grant program,┬ábut also the community in a effort to help as many horses as possible. Working with our grant program, we can help build safe shelter and fencing for new horse owners or help expand existing rescues. We also help with feed, horses to new homes, emergency rescue or trailering horses for any welfare need.┬áThe help program also assist in adoptions from start to finish for new or current horse owners. If we don’t have openings at our rescue, we will help find someone who does. AH4H is partnering with rescues, sanctuaries and equine facilities across the U.S. and working together is the only way we will make a difference.

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