A Heart for Horses Inc. (AH4H)
Montana Horse Community Grant Program Application Guidelines

Purpose of A Heart for Horses, Inc. (AH4H) Montana Horse Community Grant Program

The program awards grants throughout the year to support projects, sponsorships, and activities related to education, equine therapy and events in the Montana horse community. Projects of most interest to AH4H include those that develop community based equine events, equine therapy and the welfare of horses in the Montana horse community.

Eligible Applicants (but not limited to)

  • Not-for-profit and non-profit organizations in Montana
  • Clubs & associations, businesses, licensed farms, stables, and educational horse related programs in Montana.

Application Submission

Applicants must use and complete the grant application form available online at

Please do not exceed the number of words indicated in each section, and maintain the order and format of the application form provided on our website. Please use the notation “N/A” if a question is not applicable to your project.

Submit applications on our website

  • Faxed or mailed applications will not be accepted.
  • Grant requests are given up to $1,000 per grant and multiple grants may be given depending on the scope of the project.

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Application Review Process

Applications that meet the eligibility and submission guidelines above will be reviewed by the AH4H team. The review team is made up of 3 Board members and the Executive Director.

Applications that do not qualify for review will be notified via email. During the review process, grant applications will be reviewed for:

  • Potential impact and value in the Montana horse community
  • Size and scope of community activity
  • Financial need
  • Quality of written presentation

A Heart for Horses, Inc. board is less likely to fund grant projects that use money for; supplies already purchased, projects already conducted and the purchase or lease of horses. The Board encourages entities seeking sponsorships for events to submit their request in the form of a grant to this program.

In some instances, the review committee may recommend a grant amount less than what was requested. Grant recipients should be notified of the status of their application within 90 days after received. Project must be completed by the end of year granted(DEC 31) unless otherwise stated in the approval letter. A final report detailing how the grant monies were spent and the outcomes of the project is also due by end of year granted (DEC 31) unless otherwise stated in the approval letter. If a final report is not given, the grantee will not be eligible for future grants from AH4H.

Grant Program Contact

Trey Keeton
A Heart for Horses Inc.